Definitions of Creativity

  Creative Questions #1

 Are we more creative when we focus on solving a problem?

A New Scientist magazine article last week explored some aspects of creative thinking and found that daydreaming was a strong aid to doing well in tasks requiring idea-generation: “The daydreamers came up with forty-one per cent more possibilities than students in the other conditions”. It can be hard to be creative when we are trying so hard to solve problems day in and day out. If only we could have six weeks or so of time to daydream….

Have a great holiday and you might have wonderful classroom ideas when you least expect them!Please feel free to comment below.Posts by Argyll & Bute SLF Team.
We are aiming to bring together thinking on creative learning in order to support our presence at SLF 2012
and feed into an update of our existing creativity framework.

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  1. Have you had a look at the Centre for Real World Leaning (University of Winchester)’s work on progression in creativity? They seek to break down creativity into measurable ‘habits’. It is well worth a look, but is websensed at the moment.

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