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Primary 5 Garden Project

Last week, Primary 5 wrote letters to staff at Springbank and Mr MacArthur at the Garden Shop asking if they could kindly help out with their garden project. Very quickly, we got barrels from Springbank Distillery and plants and flowers from the Garden shop.

We are all very grateful to these businesses for their support and look forward to putting the plants in the barrels and watching them grow.
By Erin Binnie

Last week, Primary 5 wrote to Springbank Distillery and Mr MacArthur at the Garden Shop. We asked if Springbank could donate some half barrels and we also asked if Mr MacArthur could donate some plants so that we could plant them in the barrels.

Then, on Wednesday, we got a lovely surprise when a Springbank van came through the playground and gave us six barrels. Afterwards, three pupils collected the plants from the school office that Mr MacArthur had also left for us. We can’t wait to start our garden project!
Thanks Springbank Distillery and Mr MacArthur!
By Jack Campbell

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