Lochgilphead Primary 1 pupils invade S4 classroom.

Pupils of Lochgilphead High School Princes Trust 4xl group held a ‘show and tell ‘day for 40 pupils of primary 1 as part of their WW 1 project. The group spent months researching into their specific topic and as much time perfecting their timings and the best activity to entertain the children. Ashley spoke all about the airplanes of WW1 and had three Lego models on show and lots of colouring sheets for the children to show off their artistic talents. David was talking about WW1 submarines and was showing off a German badge and British submariner’s badge, he also built a ‘model’ submarine and the children had the opportunity to experience the claustrophobic atmosphere and how to use the periscopes that were available.

Alistair spoke all about the bravery of the pipers of WW1 and how they marched up and down outside the trenches playing their bagpipes in full view of the enemy troops. He then played a couple of tunes on his chanter for the children as they marched up and down the room in unison.

Connor talked about the ‘badges’ of WW1 and showed off original dog tags that he brought in from home and he had the children make their own dog tags.

Emma spoke about the Christmas truce and showed the children an original Princess Mary’s tin and spoke all about its content (reproduction) and then she talked all about gas masks. She had three different gas masks for the children to try on.

Finally, Lorne spoke all about Swagger sticks and he showed off photographs of his original WW1 swagger sticks, he then showed the children how to make their own. It was like something from Blue Peter, lagging pipes, tooth picks, table tennis balls and wine making corks and silver spray paint. The children had loads of fun making the swagger sticks and marching up and down the room.

The children had a brilliant time and were seen in the playground marching up and down with their swagger sticks and dog tags flying in the wind. The S4 group were exhausted and really pleased that everything went well. Whilst reflecting on the day, they all said they were nervous at first however after the first group had moved on they found that they had become more relaxed. They also said they wished they had prepared better and had more time to talk and work with the children.

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