Fruitshare at Sandbank

After the Christmas holidays, Sandbank Primary Pupils got back to work and planted their fruit trees which arrived in January. The eco-committee had applied for the trees through the fruitshare scheme which was advertised on a cookery programme on TV. We were very fortunate in being one of the first schools to apply and we were successful in receiving 4 well-grown fruit trees for free.

We received 2 apple trees, 1 plum tree and 1 pear tree. Two classes worked together to choose a suitable planting site (not too close to the school walls, a good depth of soil, south facing and relatively sheltered). P1/2 measured the trees and compared their heights and the bushiness of their root systems whilst the older children from GM6/7 dug the planting holes and put some compost in the base. The children worked together to plant the trees and firm up the soil. Each tree has an old tyre around the base and will have a weed blanket topped with gravel inside in order to give the trees a good start. The tyre will also prevent any strimmer damage during the summer season. We look forward to our trees establishing themselves and giving us crops of healthy fruit in the future.

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