Port Ellen Primary – Celebration of Science and Engineering

On Friday 8th June five children from P6/7 – Aileas, Dan, Elinor, Ewan and Jason – went to the Celebration of Science & Engineering at the Science Centre in Glasgow.  They were there to showcase the science and technology we have done in school and science club over the year; the Forces in Motion topic for National Science & Engineering Week; the wave power generator that we designed for the Saltire Award; and Jason’s individual pyropyramid.

They wowed the judges with their knowledge, enthusiasm and live demonstrations of Newton’s Three Laws of Motion and were awarded the Best Team Presentation Award by Heather the Weather!

4 thoughts on “Port Ellen Primary – Celebration of Science and Engineering

  1. Great work. Really enjoyed my visit to your fabby school and now an award winning one too. Keep up the good work.

  2. Hi Matthew,
    The ‘Pyropyramid’, (patent pending!) was invented by Jason as a result of his having problems lighting fires when camping outside, due to the gentle Islay breezes. He designed a pyramid shaped device which would still allow the fire to draw, but would also protect it from the wind until it got going- The Pyropyramid. Thinking out side the box, or pyramid, I am sure you will agree!

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