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This week the blog has been handed over to Howden.

I enjoyed presenting my work on St Andrew on Word.   Isla N P6a

I enjoyed the Christmas Challenge in PE because we could spend time with our friends while we did gym.   Scarlett P6b

I liked learning a new maths strategy.   Isaac P6b

I liked doing skiing this week and I thought it was funny when I crashed into the wall at the bottom.   Connor P6b

I am proud of being a Level 1 skier!   Lucas P6a

I have learnt about Spain for my personal project.   Corrie P6a

I learnt how to multiply by using the grid method.   Maddie P6b

This week was the last week of skiing, with all skiers achieving a certificate, we are very proud of you all!  Remember pyjamas and onesies for Monday!

Mrs Murray and Mrs Ford

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