P4b- Howden Blog 11.10.19

This is Howden’s P4b  blog for this week!

Madison-I enjoyed writing reports and news papers about Charlotte’s web.

Thomas-I enjoyed science. We  put paper on the table to test how far germs could travel through the air.

Madison-We used a spray to represent the germs.

Sophie H -I enjoyed handball and had fun.

Sophie E-I enjoyed Charlotte’s web because Wilbur won third prize and got a medal.

Adam -I enjoyed outdoor learning. We got to measure things like the container and the number square.

Robbie B-I enjoyed reading our class novel. My favourite part was when Fern saves Wilbur from being killed.

Nevan-I enjoyed doing gym because I liked playing on the jungle gym.

Ruaridh-I liked Maths because I like working hard and doing the sums .

Amina – I enjoyed learning how to build a story, using different types of sentences.

It’s been a very busy term in P4. Have a happy holiday everyone.


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