P5B’s Weekly Blog

We have been working very hard this week on lots of different things but our letters to India really stand out as we have tried very hard to raise our writing standards. We’ve also been learning about 3D shapes. We’ve been thinking hard about what ‘Respect’ looks like, sounds like and feels like in the playground too. We’ve been building our ‘Learning Power’ by discussing resilience, making Learning Pits to help us when we’re stuck and class circle time on friendship. Our aim is for everyone to feel happy and positive about their time in class, in the playground and making better learners who are ready for a new challenge!

I enjoyed making my learning Pit, by Jasmine B

I enjoyed making 3D shapes, By Emily R

I enjoyed making a Hedgehog for RAP31 as I like being creative! By Orla R

I enjoyed doing cross country, by Kaitlin B

I enjoyed writing my India letter because I know they are really being sent!, by Muhammad H

I enjoyed making my hedgehog and other Autumn Art as I love the season of Autumn, by Katie W

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