P5B Blog Post!

Everyone in Primary 5 is very excited about Harvest time. We are working hard to get the Harvest assembly ready to present to our school and for the Cluster assembly. Primary 5 values, positive atmosphere and Health and well-being have been very important to us. We have been working hard on our school values and created a ‘Garden of Goodness’ , we have ‘Carlo, Patricia and Theo’ our pet plants, a Recognition Tree, a How Hero and Maestro di Gentilezza’, feelings Checkin (leaves) and more!

I wrote much more than I expected to, on my letter to India. Owen P5B

I enjoyed exploring pattern and colour in my Indian art and created an elephant design. Amber P5B

It was fun creating a bird full of colour and expressing who I am by adding on ‘all about me facts’. Reese P5B

I enjoyed learning about 3D shape and finding ways to describe them by feeling the shapes and using ‘faces, vertices and edges’words. Jamie P5B

I liked being responsible for helping my classroom community by making posters and signs. Carlie P5B

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