P4a’s Fantastic Week!

We are delighted to announce that most of our Brown Trout eggs have hatched and have turned into alevins. We are doing a good job of looking after them and making sure their tank is cold. Amy from Forth Fisheries visited us and delivered another batch of alevins too – so now we have hundreds!

For the I-Solve morning with parents and carers, we focused on problem-solving strategies. We did some activities and games that required us to work with others to solve a problem. In Number Maths we looked at the 5 and 10 times tables. We discovered that the 5 times table is half of the 10 times table and this can help us to multiply bigger numbers by 5. In Topic Maths, we have been using our calendars and practising finding dates and working out durations of time in days and weeks.

In Language, we wrote a story about our personal experiences of a time when we have had to persevere at something. This linked to the “Value of the Month” for January – Perseverance. In Reading, we focused on identifying facts and opinions in texts.

Futsal has continued with Laura. We practised our dribbling skills and were competing against each other. Soon some P4s will be taking part in a Handball Festival with other schools so this week those involved had a practise session led by pupils from James Young High School. We now have our SHANARRI display up in the classroom – this shows lots of ways that we can keep safe, healthy and happy at home and at school.

Some of us performed at the Scottish Evening – and we were fabulous! Emma did some Highland Dancing, Hailey recited her Scottish poem and our drama group performed Address to the Toothache by Robert Burns.  In Art with Miss Trotter, we started our wave paintings using shades of blue.

Our Skype session with our partner school in Mumbai was a big success! One of our groups presented their poster about saving water, as did a group from P4b. The children in India also presented their work and posters on saving water. It was fantastic to see them and talk to them in real life!

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