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We are pleased to announce that we have now received the brown trout fish eggs and they are in our tank! Forth Fisheries delivered the eggs last week and it is now our job to look after them! We have to keep the water cold and we do this by using bottles of ice which we change twice a day. We are looking forward to seeing them grow…

One Day Creative, the drama company, worked with us on Robert Burns’ birthday, 25th January. We took part in a half-day of drama workshop about the life of Robert Burns and Burns Night. We practised our dancing and acting skills and worked together with others. At the end of the day we teamed up with P4b to present a short play to the rest of the school.

We have been learning the Robert Burns poem Address to a Toothache with Mrs Thomson our drama teacher. Some of us will be performing this at the Scottish Evening soon. Well done to our finalists in the P4 Scottish Poetry competition – Hailey, Rocco and Patrick. We are so proud of you all!

In Maths, we have been focusing on developing our problem-solving skills. We have been exploring different strategies for solving problems and working with our peers to share ideas and support each other.

In Futsal, we have continued to practise a variety of skills and we are now playing mini-games. Team spirit is important! We are getting better at participating calmly in our meditation and yoga sessions. We are focusing on our breathing and holding poses for longer.

In Science, we carried out an experiment to see what solids dissolve in water. We made predictions and then tested these out.

We have now finished our posters about saving water and have been presenting these to an audience in our groups. We will soon be sharing our learning with our partner school in Mumbai when we hold a live Skype meeting. One group from our class will present to the children in India in an online meeting and we look forward to seeing their presentations too.

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