P4a’s Exciting Week!

In Maths we have been learning about 2D and 3D shapes. We have been discussing their properties and sorting them into groups. We have learned about quadrilaterals and regular/irregular 2D shapes. Our homework for next week is to find an object at home that is a 3D shape and bring it in to show the class. Also we have been working on developing our strategies for subtraction – using number lines, friendly numbers and number bonds. We have had another lesson with the numeracy teacher Mrs Millar – we used bundles of straws to help us with understanding place value and subtraction.

Sadly, we had our last NYCOS Music lesson with Mrs Poynter. We have enjoyed learning musical notes, reading/writing music and playing lots of games and singing lots of songs.Thanks Mrs Poynter! We had our first Futsal lesson for P.E. where we practised our dribbling skills  and quick turns. We had to work closely with our team to compete in some fun games. We have begun a block of drama lessons with the Drama Teacher, Mrs Thomson. We made puppets of our favourite characters and next week we will work in pairs to make a puppet show. In R.M.E. with Mrs Cameron, we have been revising the Christmas story and turning it into a drama sketch. In our groups we are retelling the Christmas story in the form if news reports for Star News and we will be filming these next week. Some of us made scenery and props at home for our drama sketches. Also in R.M.E this week we learned about a Hindu baby naming ceremony and we are busy making a poster for our display. In our Water Topic, we learned about the importance of using water wisely. We discovered lots of ways to save water at home and at school and we will be making posters and presentations about this soon. We read a book about making mistakes and how everyone does this and mistakes are important for learning. This should help us with developing our Growth Mindset.

In Language, we wrote our Road Safety Ziggy stories. We focused on adding connectives and wow words. Next week we will write out these stories and illustrate them  and then read them to P1. The comprehension strategy we are working on at the moment is identifying cause and effect – we will continue next week.

We have begun opening our class advent calendars and we are looking forward to lots of Christmas activities next week like the Christmas lunch and the trip to the cinema!

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