P7b 11.11.16

The House Captains launched the new house points system this week. Every pupil is working towards earning lucky coins for their house which the House Captains will collect and count each week. The winning house will get extra playtime on a Friday. You have to work incredibly hard to earn the lucky coins.

P7 led the whole school Remembrance assembly. We worked really hard this week to prepare for the assembly. We involved some teachers in the school by asking them if they could remember the names of some of their previous pupils. It showed us that most of our teachers are good at remembering – except Mr Brice!

On Wednesday Michelle from the West Lothian Drugs and Alcohol Team came in to deliver our first Tobacco Education workshop. We explored what happens to the body when you smoke and we couldn’t believe that there are about 4000-6000 chemicals in one cigarette. We also learned lots of the impact smoking has on our health and our lives.

P7 pupils had the opportunity to try out for the school football team and we are excited to say that everyone who attended will be a part of the team.

We got started with our WW2 topic and began to explore the events of WW1 and how WW2 started. As part of this we have begun to look at Judaism and had some research questions. We loved sharing our findings on Yammer and learning from each other.

In maths we have been reflecting on what we know about time and identifying areas we would like to improve. In addition to this we have been exploring mental strategies for subtraction to help us feel more confident with subtracting larger numbers.

We are looking forward to our next Tobacco Education workshop next week and the Primary 6 ‘Children in Need’ assembly next Friday.

Bon week-end from P7b and Miss Brown

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