Our week in P4a – w.b. 31.10.16

It’s been a quick week in P4a! Our student teacher Mrs Knowles, has been helping us with our learning a lot.

In Language, we have been writing fireworks poems as not only is it Bonfire Night soon, but it was also Diwali last weekend – both occasions where fireworks are popular! We learned about onomatopoeic words that sound like the sound that they describe. This was very useful for writing about fireworks. We also started a new listening activity to help improve our skills in listening for instructions – hopefully we will get better and better as the weeks go on! Some of us completed character studies on characters from Stanley and the Magic Lamp and these are displayed in our classroom.

In Maths, we have been continuing with our Number Talks – where we discuss calculations and our strategies for finding the answer. We are focusing on addition and subtraction at the moment. We need to know our number bonds to 20 really well – please help us practise these at home with games and quizzes- as these will help us to add and subtract bigger numbers. We have also started a new maths topic on symmetry where we have been investigating shapes, pictures and patterns to find a line of symmetry. We also have made our own symmetrical pictures and patterns. We could look at home and in the environment to see if we can find any symmetrical objects or pictures – we could even take a photo and bring it in to school to show our class.

In RME, we have been finding out about the practices and traditions of the Hindu festival of Diwali. We heard the story of Rama and Sita. We made Diwali cards and a display about the festival. In Health, we discussed how to be safe on Bonfire Night and studied the Firework Safety Code. We then worked in a group to make a poster to tell others how to stay safe. In Music, we have begun to learn how to read and write music notation and had fun clapping out our rhythms.

This term we have a grid to complete as the main part of our homework. Some activities we are to complete weekly as usual – spelling, reading, maths – and the others we can complete in any order and should be returned to school by 9th December.



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