Fantastic Times in P4a! Week beginning 3.10.16.

This week in P4a we have been learning about The Water Cycle. We talked about our evaporation and condensation experiment and then watched some film clips about The Water Cycle. We drew labelled diagrams of it in our jotters and we even made a big poster using collage for the wall.

We took part in money-related activities with our parents and carers during Terrific Tuesday, for example games on the computers and a Fruit Smoothie challenge. These activities will continue next week during Money Week. We have been learning to measure in millilitres and litres and to read scales to the nearest 100ml. It has been fun exploring this at the water tray. We are still working on place value of a number and building our understanding of bigger numbers.

In P.E. we did a Beep Test where we had to run between targets and try to get faster and faster. Also in tennis, we enjoyed practising our skills with a partner outside in the sunshine. We learned backhand and serve this week.

In writing, we have learned to use a vertical plan to plan our stories in three parts. Our imaginative story was about going on an adventure with a giant and was inspired by the BFG. We also read lots of poems with the theme “messages” on National Poetry Day. The poem we studied was “Cracking the Code” by Ciara McLaverty and was about giving a message to squirrels. We enjoyed writing our own poems based on this poem and we tried to add rhyming words and follow the same pattern.

In French we have been revising basic greetings and asking how someone is feeling. We practised these things with a partner. We also located France and Paris on a map and learned more about the city of Paris.

Fantastic times in P4a!

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