P7b 7.10.16

This week was a very busy and exciting week in P7. On Monday afternoon we had boxercise aerobics for PE and we had a question and answer session about camp.

On Tuesday we started researching for our debate about Democracy and Dictatorship. We also completed a team building activity with the people who we are sharing a dorm with when we are at camp. We enjoyed our ispend activity where we learned more about comparing costs and the importance of budgeting.

Wednesday was a very exciting day for P7 because we visited James young High School and took part in The German adventure! We teamed up with pupils from Bellsquarry and S1 pupils. In the afternoon we had our Dictatorship VS Democracy debate. Both sides made excellent points and arguments.

On Thursday we did the bleep test with Mr Muldoon. Everyone tried very hard and most of the class beat their last score. Well Done! It was also National Poetry Day so we responded creatively to a chosen poem.

On Friday We had an assembly on patience, our value of the month, with Gavin from Scripture Union!

Almost everyone in P7 is going to camp and we are feeling so excited about it! Some people are having a fun week back here at school and will be helping in the infants and completing a personal project.

That’s all for now!
Goodbye from P7b and Miss Brown

(Blog post by Olivia and Kayleigh)

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