First week back with P2/1 and P2

We have had a wonderful first week back with P2/1 and P2.

Our timetables will be changing from next week.

P2/1 will have gym on Monday and Friday.

P2 will have gym on Monday and Wednesday. Children do not need to come dressed in PE clothes on Monday morning as there will be a chance to change later on in the day.

Both classes are very lucky to be working with Mrs Logan for this term.

Spelling will continue to be taught on a Monday. We hope you are enjoying finding new words and completing the different spelling activities.

Reading days for both classes are Tuesday and Thursday.

We can’t wait to find out what happens next with Rainbow Fish!

A new homework grid will be sent out on Monday.

This term in Maths we will continue working on shape, and will be starting to work with money- counting money, making amounts and giving change.

In Mental Maths we are building our skills in addition and subtraction within 20. Our focus is on using the most efficient strategies to solve the sums. Remember the Speed Challenge is an excellent way to support this. Speed challenge is available at the link below.

Remember all the activities that were sent home from the Primary 2 Maths Homework can still help your child-P2 Maths homework 2 .

We will also be counting forwards and backwards in 5s and 3s.

We will begin to look at the concept of early multiplication and division through making equal groups and sharing.

Lots to look forward to!

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