P4 trip to Edinburgh

We had our big trip to Edinburgh recently as part of our Scotland topic and we had a fantastic day! We visited Edinburgh Castle where we met Mary Queen of Scots herself! She taught us how to walk and dance like a Royal Court member. We learned about the food that would have been eaten at banquets and the armour that would have been worn. We made pomanders from oranges and cloves and we all dressed up in fancy clothes. At the Palace of Holyroodhouse we went on an investigation around the rooms of Mary Queen of Scots, making notes on our clipboards as we went along. It was fascinating to see where she would have lived and see some of her belongings. The walk up/down the Royal Mile was very exciting with lots to see! Thank you to all who supported this very special outing.


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  1. The trip to Edinburgh was amazing I hope you guys enjoyed it as much as we did when we were in P4

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