Primary 3/2, 2/1 and 2’s busy week

This week has been very busy. We had lots of helpers in to help us make clocks for Mr Minute’s factory. The classrooms were a hive of activity each afternoon and the clocks everyone made are all fantastic! Great job everyone! Mr Minute will soon be contacting you all about getting jobs in his factory.

What was your favourite part of the afternoon? What do you like best about your clock?


This week four children in each class were given their achievement certificates. I wonder what they got their certificates for? What could you do to get a certificate next time?


We had a lovely Christmas lunch on Thursday and are all looking forward to Christmas activities next week.

On Monday Primary 2 have their Christmas party. On Tuesday Primary 1 have their nativity and party. On Thursday Primary 3 are going to see a Pantomime at Howden Park Centre and Primary 2 and 1 are watching a pantomime in school. Primary 3 also have their party on Thursday afternoon. Phew!


Can we take this opportunity to wish all family and friends of Primary 3/2, 2/1 and 2 a very Merry Christmas and a peaceful New Year.




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