Primary 1 visit to Mill Farm

Primary 1 have just started a new topic, The Farm. It will be a science based topic and children will be learning all about how plants grow, different materials and forces. Pupils will also be learning about different types of farm, farm animals and their young and creating some lovely art for our wall display. If anyone has any expertise in this topic we would love to hear from you.

To learn more about our topic we all went on a school trip to Mill Farm. It was a lovely sunny day and we enjoyed walking around looking at all the different animals. We saw ducks, goats, chickens, pigs, rabbits, goslings and horses. Everyone then had time to play in Morag’s Meadows, which is the soft play, and then we went for our lunch in the picnic barn.

After lunch we had a lady from Mill Farm teach us all about the different animals they have and how they look after them. It was very interesting and we got to be up close to some of the animals. Our last fun activity for the day was time to play at the activities in the bottom field. Everyone had a great day but we were all very tired when we got back to school as it had been a very busy day!

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