‘The Impossible Task’

The afternoon nursery have been part of a project that explores the impossible task and how young children deal with challenges. We have worked with Miss Clarke who is helping us explore these ideas. Miss Clarke is helped by ‘Pilot Bear’. Some ideas we have explored have been to do with our bodies: can we stand on one foot? Can we touch our noses with our tongue? Can we touch our elbow with our tongue?
Some children were able to do these! We then read ‘How To Catch A Star’ by Oliver Jeffers. This helped us think about the wider world and we came up with our own ideas for how we could blow away the clouds and how to poke the sun out of the sky. One pupil brought in a rocket to see if we could fly into the sky but sadly we all couldn’t fit into the rocket. The project continues with pupil taking Pilot Bear home to look at more impossible tasks.

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