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Primary 2 love reading!

We Love Books! Kids' writing competition on RTÉ Jr

Every day Primary 2 enjoy the opportunity to read a story in class.  We choose a book from our class library, and after reading it we swap books with the person sitting beside us,  This morning, Mrs Swanston was so impressed at how well we were doing with reading!  Some of us even got stickers for good reading!  Even though there might be some words we find tricky to read, we are trying to sound out the word or ask a friend for some help.  We love looking at the pictures too.

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Louisa – Faith – I read a story about the fire station.

Jackson – My story was the earth.  I found out lots of things and I looked at the pictures.

Kornelia – I read a book about a tiger and crocodile.

JJ N – My book was about planets.

Sean – I like reading in the morning.

Harry – I liked reading about dinosaurs.

Bailley – I read a story about pigs.  It was a funny story.

Raeya – My story was about dragons and the little girl helped the dragon.  She wanted to be a knight.  I loved it so much.

Maya – I started to read “The Owl who was Afraid of the Dark”.  I liked the pictures and I tried some of the words.

Well done Primary 2 – you are all Building For Success!

Primary 2 update

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We have had a busy and happy week in school and have learned more about ‘People Who Help Us’ as part of our topic work.  We have been working with bigger numbers and doing take away sums and we were so excited to get brand new Maths workbooks.  In Literacy, we have been learning new sounds, making new words and writing proper sentences.

Jackson – I loved playing “Simon Says…” at playtime.

Harry – I’ve enjoyed playing nicely with my friends and sharing.

April – We made walkie talkies using old milk cartons.

JJ N – I like tidying up all the mess!

Zuzanna – I love to learn new Maths.

Leo – I enjoyed counting up to 20.

Raeya – I like writing numbers.  I can write big numbers.

Tyler – I have enjoyed doing “Simons Says…” with Mrs Blair and I helped with the worksheets.

Curtis – I can count up to 100.

Macy – I have been a good friend and that’s a school value.

Kornelia – Fire fighters keep us safe in different dangers and locations.

Braiden – I like reading stories from the class library,


Update from Primary 2

primary 2 – Fox Covert Primary

We are all enjoying being in Primary 2 and we really like Miss Devanney being our new teacher.  She is new to the school, so we are making her feel very welcome at St. Mary’s.

We have learned lots of new things over the past few weeks and we are all trying to be responsible and safe in school.

JJ N – I like coming to school and seeing my friends again.

Tyler – I have enjoyed making a big building with the bricks.

Jackson – I like school and it’s super fun.  I like learning new sounds and it’s very fun being at school.

Harry – Our topic is ‘People who help us’ and the Police help us in emergencies.

Raeya – The teacher is nice to us all.

Louisa – Faith – Everyone is kind in school.

Macey – I like counting and I can count to 100.

Curtis – I like playing in the area.

Zuzanna – I loved painting the alphabet.

Sean – We made up class rules.  We are trying to follow them.

Maya – We did P.E.outside and I like wearing my gym clothes to school.


26th June 2020 – Last day of term

Hard to believe this is the last Friday in Primary 2

It has been lovely to watch you learn and grow this year. You have experienced lots of new things, building your confidence as you learned!  It has been a pleasure to watch you all become more responsible, following our school values and contributing positively to the life of St Mary’s. I am so proud of each and every one of you! What an incredibly different year you have had in Primary 2 and I feel privileged to be part of it with you.

Thank you to all of your parents who have kept you safe and helped you to keep learning in so many different ways as well as keeping me up to date with lots of photos!

I have put together some of our memories in a video, I hope you enjoy watching it as much as I do! Please click on the link to watch the video:

**Updated Video**


I hope you have an amazing summer, switch off, relax and enjoy the summer break!


I can’t wait to see you all again in Primary 3!

Stay safe, be kind and look after each other!

God Bless

Miss Stenhouse

Hello Primary 2 – our last mid week check in!

Can you believe this is our last mid week check in P2??

I have received some lovely cards, thank you so much! It has been lovey to see some of you pop into school at lunchtime.

I have also received some great “flat Miss Stenhouse” photos. It looks like I have been up to lots of great things from spending time with your toys, seeing the swans and investigating nature! I love it, thank you.

Top of the leader boards this last week at half way point are:

Sumdog Maths 1st Mikey              2ndMichael          3rd Joe

Sumdog Spelling 1st Mikey           2ndMichael          3rd Nathan

Sumdog Grammar  1st Mikey       2ndAine                 3rd Nathan

Prodigy  1st Joe

Well done everyone for your continued efforts at Home Learning and a big well done to all the adults supporting you at home.


Last week of school – how are you feeling? Have you checked in with someone?

In six weeks’ time we will be returning to school to continue or learning journey, this can make different people feel different emotions. It will help if you talk through how you are feeling with an adult, think about the things you enjoy at school and are looking forward to getting back to! I can wait to see everyone again!

Talking about how you are feeling will help your to manage your emotions.

I am still putting together some photos of our time together in P2 along with video messages that have been sent in. If you want to send a message in you can do so up to Thursday evening. The video will be posted on Friday to mark the last day of term.

Last week in Primary 2!

Last week of Primary 2! Can you believe it?

As this is the last week of term I have prepared a virtual class trip for us to try with lots learning and fun involved.

To join in on the class trip download the PowerPoint and complete the daily tasks. This is a fantasy class trip to Disneyworld ! I hope you enjoy the activities.

Disney Virtual Trip P2

There is also a class home learning grid prepared, you can find it below or on the school webpage:

Primary 2 Home Learning Grid WB 22nd June

Webpage –

I hope you have all had time to have some adventures with your flat “Miss Stenhouse” I have  received some great photos in already but I would love to see some more. If you have any photos please send them into:

P2 Movie Makers – we are still looking for more video messages or photos…please get these in as soon as possible to



Wishing you a magical last week in Primary 2!

Good Morning Primary 2 Learning Heroes

It was lovey to see so many of you yesterday,  you are my learning heroes!




It’s Friday so that means its Free Writing. What will you write about today? Remember to share whatever you write with someone, if you would like to share it with me please send it into:


Thanks to everyone who has sent in a video message. We don’t have enough yet to make a video so please send in your videos with your message to your classmate as soon as you can – I can’t do this without you! Send the videos to:  I look forward to seeing all your faces! For those who have managed to send one  in already, well done and a great big thank you!

Remember it’s important to think about how we feel and what is causing us to feel that way. Have a check in with an adult. Yesterday Miss Stenhouse was feeling happy, happy is the emotion word.  The “trigger” for Miss Stenhouse feeling happy was seeing so many of your faces yesterday and getting to hear what you have been up to.

Emotion word – Happy

Trigger – Seeing my learning heroes



Finishing top of the leader boards this week:

SumDog Maths       1st Michael     2nd Mikey                                                  3rd Corra-Linn

SumDog Spelling    1st Mikey        2nd Michael                                                3rd Aine

SunDog Grammar  1st Mikey        2nd Aine         3rd Keir

Prodigy                     1st Joe             2nd Adam      3rd Iris


I miss you lots and I am so proud of you all! Sending lots of air hugs xx

Wonderful Wednesday P2

Mid week check in Primary 2

Good Morning Primary 2! I hope you are all doing well and having a good week? Are you enjoying June so far? How are you getting on with your learning grid this week? Remember to  just keep trying your best.

Remember to get your videos or photos sent in with your message for the class! Send these to :

Check out Mrs McMasters fantastic PE activities she has posted on the blog!


Miss Mackie has also posted some great Art activities on the blog:

Mrs Campbell has also put up a fun bingo activities on her blog post:


Mid week leader board results:

SumDog Maths –      1st Mikey      2nd Adam             3rd Skye

SumDog Spelling –    1st Aine          2nd Mikey             3rd Michael

SumDog Grammar – 1st Mikey    2nd Aine                  3rd Keir

Prodigy – 1st Adam

Keep up the good work Primary 2 and stay safe!