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A Guide to Social Networks: Advice for Parents

O2 and the NSPCC have joined forces on a mission to help all children and their families in the UK stay safe online. They recently launched a website which gives detailed advice and reviews of the different online social networks which young people use. It covers over 50 different apps including popular apps like Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat to lesser known apps such as Kik, Roblox and It reviews the levels of risk associated with each app and also includes the views of different young people about each app and how safe they feel using it.

Useful Website- Bedtime Math

Bedtime Math is striving to help families introduce maths as a fun part of their daily routine, as common and beloved as the bedtime story. They make it easy to roll maths into the day, whether at bedtime, bathtime, or snacktime.

You can check out the site by clicking the link below:

Bedtime Math For Families

There is also a free app that can be downloaded onto Smartphones and tablets.


West Lothian Maths Contest on Sumdog

P1-7 have been entered to take part in Sumdog’s West Lothian Maths Contest. This runs from 10-16th November and can be played at both home and at school using the Sumdog website or app. All pupils should have their Sumdog log in their homework diary/ book.

The children have to answer 1000 questions and their score is based on accuracy, not speed or winning games. There are also prizes to be won and certificates will be given out at assembly for those children in the top 50 from across West Lothian.

Good luck everyone!

Digital Parenting – Issue 5

The next edition of Digital Parenting is now available to read, print and download. Digital Parenting contains really useful information and advice for parents and carers to help keep their children and young people stay safe online.


Digital Learning Week: Supporting Learning at Home

Sum Dog and Purple Mash are two online resources we have purchased to support learning and teaching in Maths and Language. These resources can be used in school and at home. The PSA have helped us to purchase Purple Mash.

Teachers may set homework using these resources, however if homework has not been set parents can use these resources to support Maths and Language development at home.

Sum Dog

P1-7 have a Sum Dog Reading and Maths account. They can access this account at home by using the log in provided in their homework diary/book.

To access Sum Dog go to:

If you have an apple device you can download the Sum Dog app for free.

Purple Mash

P1-7 have a Purple Mash account. They can access this account at home by using the log in provided in their homework diary/book.

To access Purple Mash go to:

To find out how to use Purple Mash on your tablet you will find information here:

To find out how to use Purple Mash with iPad apps you will find information here:


Information to support parents/ carers: using-ict-to-support-maths-and-language-updated


Digital Learning Week: Parental Controls Advice

We know that children can be bothered by things they see online, and filters can be a helpful tool in reducing the chances of coming across something upsetting.

However, please remember that no filter or parental controls tool is 100% effective, and many of the risks that young people face online are because of their own and other’s behaviour. It is therefore important to talk to your children about staying safe online and make sure they know that they can turn to you if they get into any difficulty.

Please use the two links below to find out more about how to set up filters on your home internet to help prevent age inappropriate content being accessed on devices in your home:

Advice regarding use of and streaming apps

Advice from West Lothian Council.

Following on from a number of incidents involving children from across the UK, we would like to raise awareness of the above apps and share the following information with parents:

1.       The terms and conditions state all users must be at least 13 years of age.

2.       Users may be exposed to adult content such as swearing, graphic content and pornography.

3.       Live streaming is not fully private even when privacy settings are set to on.

4.       Users are able to search for other users close to their location.

For further information about potential risks to children please visit the following pages: