Mummified Apples in P3!

P3 were curious to find out what had happened to their mummified apples. Were they the same? Did they look any different? Did they smell any different?  P3 have been learning about all things Egyptian and had previously learned about the the mummification process and how something called ‘natron’, helped preserve the body for afterlife.

Using a mixture of salt and baking powder, our version of natron, the children covered a quarter of apple and left another quarter uncovered. We made our predictions, thought about the process and what might happen to each apple. Max and Miah predicted that the apple covered with salt and baking powder would be preserved, Scartlett and Charlotte W predicted that the ‘Nitron’ would dry the apple and make it soggy, and Kristen and Alyssa predicted that the apple in ‘Nitron’ would fizz up and turn brown. We left the apple in a cupboard for 7 days. After 7 days we had a wee look to see what the results were. Some of our predictions were correct. The apple covered in ‘Nitron’ dried out and was a bit sponge like in nature, it had preserved!

P3 are now looking forward to their trip to The National Museum, our Egyptian workshop and looking at Egyptian artefacts first hand.


Miss A

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