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Book Week in Primary 4!

Primary 4 have enjoyed looking at the book The Lost Thing by Shaun Tan. The children took part in several activities to explore one of the main characters in the book ‘The Lost Thing’.

Visualisation challenge: The boys and girls had to listen to the book without seeing any pictures. As they listened, they were asked to pick out information that would help them to visualise The Lost Thing in their minds. Have a look at their creations!

True, False or Unsure challenge: Once we had found about the Lost Thing, the children were set a challenge to decide if a set of statements were True, False or Untrue. The boys and girls then shared their decisions and justified their choices. It was a really interesting discussion and the children had lots of different opinions about the Lost Thing. These were some of the statements we looked at:

  • There is only 1 lost thing in the entire world
  • The lost thing is lonely
  • The lost thing looks for lonely people
  • The lost thing wants to be alone
  • The lost thing is invisible
  • The lost thing is in Shaun’s imagination
  • Only children and animals can see the lost thing

Found’ poster challenge: Our last challenge was to create a Found poster so that if someone or something was looking for the Lost Thing we could help them find it! We thought about creating detailed character descriptions for our poster, have a look!

Primary 4 and 5 have lots of fun at Dalguise!


This week, Primary 4 and 5 enjoyed a fantastic trip to Dalguise. On arrival we met our Group Leaders, Ean and Paddy. They made us feel instantly welcome and taught us some fun songs!

We enjoyed lots of fun activities during our stay including Zipwire, Giant Swing, The Burn Walk and Archery!

We loved meal times and the selection of food was brilliant!

We also enjoyed spending our pocket money in the on-site shop!

Our evenings were just as exciting as the children, and of course the teachers joined in enthusiastically in the Disco and Photo Challenge!

It has been a fantastic experience for all the children and we hope you enjoy hearing all our stories about camp!

P4 Food Journeys

This week Primary 4 have been exploring food journeys through the context of ‘Field to Fork’. Our first challenge was to watch two short videos about the journey of milk and wheat from farm to shop. As we listened and watched we had to take notes about the different stages of the journey:

Our next challenge was to use our notes to create a PowerPoint to explain the journey of either milk or wheat:

Our final challenge this week was to present our PowerPoint: