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Cheerios Bird Feeders – Helping the birds through Winter

Our P1-3 Go Wild group have been busy making bird feeders. These will help feed the birds that visit our school playground during the Winter months,

These are really easy to make – with very little mess too!

All you need is:

  • pipe cleaners
  • cheerios
  • string

What to do:

Thread the Cheerios onto the pipe cleaners (you might want to twist/join a few together to make a bigger feeder), shape them how you wish and hang them in the garden.

Easy peasy!

You can share pictures of your creations with us on our Twitter page @DunblanePrimary



The Go Wild citizenship group worked very hard to organise WEAR IT WILD day for WWF. There was a word search competition, guess the elephants’ birthdays and face painting.  We made over £300!Thanks to everybody who helped out and donated money

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