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Postcards from Dundee

Primary 6A have teamed up with a Primary 6 class in Dundee as pen pals.  We wrote postcards to P6b in Dundee pretending to be Shetland tourists.  We told them about all the amazing things you can do in Shetland, they did the same for Dundee.

We drew pictures on our postcards and our whole class drew nature pictures.  P6A feel that Shetland is famous for its nature and culture and we wanted to make sure P6B in Dundee knew how important this was for us. On Monday 11 March we were delighted to get a big envelope full of postcards from Dundee.

We read them and researched all the places they mentioned.  We noticed some difference between our postcards and theirs:

Shetland Places we mentioned:                                                     Dundee Places they mentioned:

Sumburgh lighthouse – Puffins                                                                 V&A

Different Shetland Islands                                                                         Ryze trampoline park

Up Helly Aa                                                                                                   Discovery Dundee

Clickimin Broch                                                                                             Fun Factory

Swimming pools                                                                                            Olympia Swimming Pool

Fishing                                                                                                             Battlefield

Shetland Fudge and the Cake Fridges

Most of the places we wrote about were outside, in nature and things we could do for free. We felt these were the main differences.  We loved researching the fun activities in Dundee and can’t wait for our visit there on the Edinburgh trip next year.