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Pelagia Visit

Developing The Young Workforce

Last Friday we visited the Pelagia Fish Factory.  We were split into three groups then we got a guided tour of the factory.  We were all amazed how big it was.  We were amazed at how many countries their fish was sent to.  In the olden day so much was done by hand, now machines do a lot of the work.

Sam “It was interesting to find out how the slicer sliced the fish!”

Aiden “I enjoyed this trip because I got to learn how Pelagia sells their products.”

Isla “I was shocked to feel how cold the giant freezer room was.  I can’t imagine working their all day!

Kyle”I would like to work there in the future!”

V&A Dundee

Today we have been learning how STEM skills are applied to computer game design at the V&A, Dundee. We also were able to explore Scotland’s history of design. We even spotted some fair isle!

Edinburgh Day 3

Today was a busy day. We have been exploring Edinburgh. First we walked up to the castle where we visited the war memorial, dungeons, Mons Meg and finished off with an ice-cream.

We popped along Greyfrier’s Bobby and the kirkyard before an explosive visit to Dynamic Earth. Here we learned all about volcanoes and all of the Earth’s biomes.

We finished our day at Ratho Climbing Centre and with dinner at Cosmos!

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