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Pelagia Visit

Developing The Young Workforce

Last Friday we visited the Pelagia Fish Factory.  We were split into three groups then we got a guided tour of the factory.  We were all amazed how big it was.  We were amazed at how many countries their fish was sent to.  In the olden day so much was done by hand, now machines do a lot of the work.

Sam “It was interesting to find out how the slicer sliced the fish!”

Aiden “I enjoyed this trip because I got to learn how Pelagia sells their products.”

Isla “I was shocked to feel how cold the giant freezer room was.  I can’t imagine working their all day!

Kyle”I would like to work there in the future!”

Eco Club – Waste Week

Last week was EDF Energy’s ‘Waste Week’.  Sound School joined in and we had great fun.  The theme of waste week was ‘biodiversity’ which is when the humans, animals,  plants, trees and even minibeasts come together to help make the world go round.  Biodiversity controls the temperature of Earth, the weather and how we grow food.

Primary 2 & Primary 5 learned that things like climate change can be bad for biodiversity.  We must replace trees and flowers we cut down; buy local produce to reduce pollution and most importantly reduce, reuse and recycle.

Here is a picture of primary 4’s collecting the plastic from the classrooms ‘feed me plastic’ boxes.  At Sound we are doing very well at recycling plastic in the big bins at the Fish Box.  W

e also reuse plastic yogurt tubs for paint and are starting to use milk jugs to make a ‘bottle garden’.

The Eco Club told a story to the Nursery and the Primary1’s called ‘Litter Red Riding Hood’.  Litter Red Riding Hood doesn’t know how bad it is to litter until the Wolf tells her.  We learned that animals can get very seriously hurt and even die from eating or being caught in our litter.

Primary 1 made a giant hedgehog with the Eco Club using recyclable materials like cereal boxes, Pringles tubes and egg boxes.  We hope that when people see our hedgehog they realise that littering is not acceptable.  The Nursery joined in too, making birds using junk modelling.

Thanks to everyone for joining in and remember:


Road Safety Week

Everyone at Sound Primary School has been enjoying Road Safety week. This year we have decided to remind people to Stop When You See the Lollipop! Our Nursery-P2 classes designed new Lollipops for Mr Webster and Mrs Moar, our Lollipop people. P3 and 4 designed new jackets for them and P5-7 made posters to raise awareness of our campaign.

Our Junior Road Safety Officers have been very busy reading Ziggy stories to the Nursery and Primary 2. They have also been organising competitions to help promote our campaign this year.


Children in Need

Well done to all the pupils in Sound School for raising £1376.64 for Children in Need.

The pupils were fantastic bringing in old toys, books and cakes to sell at break time on Thursday and Friday. The Primary 7s organised lots of fun activities from hair-spraying to cup-pong and face painting.

You won’t believe who came to visit us on Friday… PUDSEY BEAR!