Term 4 Week 4

Maths – Blue Group

Have a look at the fantastic tiling patterns the blue maths group created.


This week the class wrote stories about Adventure Bear.  I didn’t take any photos but you can read their stories via their Office 365 on Glow.  We had two lots of visitors during writing time (One from a QIO at Hayfield and one from a QIM at Hayfield accompanied by the Head of Education Scotland) and both commented on how lovely, independent and engaged your children were in their learning.  I was really proud of them as they were all able to speak eloquently and enthusiastically about what they were learning and how it has helped them improve their writing skills.

Edinburgh Science Centre – Electricity Workshop

We had a phenomenal visit from Jamie and Teigan from the Edinburgh Science Centre.  They took P4-6 through a workshop looking at how electricity is generated. The kids got to make their own electricity, experiment with the factors that make more/ less electricity and finally use the energy they had generated to power a hex bug for a race.  It was a brilliant workshop full of fun and learning.

Music – Stave Notation

P.4-5 have been learning about Stave Notation in music. They made themselves into human notes on the big stave sheet and used it to spell out words using the letters in the musical alphabet. They enjoyed singing the Notation song ( Learn Notation Song! – YouTube ) and got very competitive playing the ‘mat game’ where in teams they had to find the notes on the stave quicker than their opponents could. The Stave Notation Unit concluded with a short assessment which everyone was able to complete confidently and they were able to show the knowledge that they had gained over the last few weeks.


We have had great fun trying some simple orienteering tasks in PE.  Orienteering is an activity that requires you to follow a map to navigate your way around a course in the shortest possible time.  We have learnt how to follow a map, what a key is and how to use it, keep the map orientated to the group, what a control is and how we use them, work with others and many other useful things that help us to navigate around an orienteering course.

Term 4 Week 3


This week the kids have done a great job doing some assessments in maths. Everyone was really focused and tried their very best which was great to see.


Our theme for writing this week was Disney.  First the kids had to write a persuasive letter to Mr Clark asking him to arrange a school trip to Disneyland Paris, unfortunately we were successful with the writing lesson but not the trip!

They then wrote cinquain poems about a Disney character, I wonder if they can tell you about the features of a cinquain poem?

Outdoor Learning

Making the most of the beautiful weather.

Term 4 Week 2

A Park, a Library and a Power Cut

On Wednesday we headed out for a class trip.  First we went to the King Harald Street Playpark and had a ball using all the play equipment, especially in the new accessibility part of the park.  Unfortunately, but quite hilariously, one of the kids had their entire, unopened packet of crisps stolen from the picnic table by a very brave scorrie! I am sure the residents of King Harald St had a good laugh at me, Kay and some of the kids chasing after it!  Next we popped in to the library to browse the books and have our snack, no disasters here.  The kids loved being able to choose a book to take home, if they wanted to.  Finally we wandered down to Mareel for our film, the reason for our trip, but alas a power cut squashed that plan so we headed to the bus to go back to school.  The kids were so well behaved throughout the trip, it was a delight to be out with them and I hope they had a good time despite the disappointment of the cancelled movie.


Term 4 Week 1

Big Question

This week we have been learning about the difference between medicine and illegal drugs.  We have learned about Sir Alexander Fleming and the contribution he made to medicine.  Finally we learned about vitamins and discussed the need, for some people, for supplements.  The children then worked together to ‘invent’ a multivitamin.


In writing this week we used the Forbidden Forest from Harry Potter to inspire both balanced arguments and haiku.  A haiku is a Japanese poem made up of 3 lines with 5-7-5 syllables respectively.  The kids did an mazing job writing their own Haiku, each even managing to include a simile effectively!

Special Visitor

We had a very special visit from Mrs Dade and baby Tommy!

Term 3 Week 12

Amazingly Different, Amazingly Wonderful

Almost everyone in P6/7 and P4/5 completed their homework project Amazingly Different, Amazingly Wonderful and it was incredible to see the diversity, the creativity, the determination and the sensitivity of our young people when they presented their work.  On more than one occasion I had to fight back tears of pride while watching the kids share their learning with the class.  I think that this has been such a valuable project in so many ways and I hope that you agree.

Big Question

We have been learning all about Roman Soldiers and these are the amazing child-sized paintings that the kids made to show the uniforms and equipment that they had. Many thanks to our model who was drawn around 5 times!!

Happy Holiday

I hope that everyone has a fantastic Spring/ Easter Break, if you are staying home, fingers crossed we get some fine weather days and if you are going away, safe travels.  Thank you for your ongoing support this term, as always it is a delight to come to work and teach your kids every day.

Music Term 3 and a Gold Award! 🥇

This term has been a busy one for P.4-5 in the music class; from learning the words for Auld Lang Syne to doing music which related to their class topic on water to preparing for and performing a song at the Shetland Youth Music Festival, they have excelled themselves.

The class chose to sing a song at the festival called ‘My Ship Rolls Over the Ocean’ and they sang in two groups and even added a harmony part which sounded beautiful.

The adjudicator Lynn Proctor was very impressed with the performance and awarded the class a GOLD AWARD and asked for the class to return to Mareel to perform at the Gala Concert which showcased some of the highlights from the week!

She commented on the big clear sound that the class made especially considering that there were only 15 pupils.

Have a listen to the recording below:

Congratulations and Well Done! from Mrs Pottinger 🎵

Term 3 Week 11

Music Festival

On Monday we headed up to Lerwick for the music festival.  This was the first festival since before COVID and a fantastic opportunity for the kids to perform to a larger audience.  There were a few teething problems with the timings but the kids had an absolute ball and did such a fantastic job that the were invited to return for the gala performance on Thursday evening. Well done  and thank you to the organisers, to Jenna (who accompanied them on piano), to Mrs Pottinger (who did all the preparations) and, most importantly, to the kids who were absolutely phenomenal.

Brighter Days

It has been lovely to see a bit of sunshine this week and the kids have really enjoyed getting outside to play and enjoy the fresh air during 31 for 31 time.

Big Question

This week we have been learning about Roman soldiers.  The kids have loved learning about how they used their shields to create almost impenetrable formations in battle, they liked the turtle formation best.  Later in the week the kids worked in groups to create a (child) life-sized Roman soldier of their own.