S2 Science

S2 Science – Biology Content

Microbes and Cell Defence
Different types of microbes. Microbiology and Aseptic Techniques. How Clean is our school? Where do we find most microbes? Avoiding Infections. Toilet Paper Challenge. Antibiotics. Viruses. Vaccines.

Crime Scene Investigation
Forensic Science. CSI Evidence. Variation of suspects – continuous and discontinuous. Cells, Nucleus, Chromosomes, Genes & DNA. Genetics. DNA Profiling. Ethical discussions.

S2 Science – Chemistry Content

Separating Mixtures
Solute, Solvents, and Solutions. Filtration and Evaporation. Change of state – solids, liquids and gases. Distillation. Investigating Crisps – extracting fat from crisps.

Acids and Alkalis
pH scale. Acids, Alkalis and Neutralisation. Universal Indicator. Factory Pollutants. Acid Rain and Impact of Acid Rain on Organisms and Buildings.

Rocks and Metals
Rocks and Soil. Metal Ores & Metals. Extraction of Metals. Reactivity of Metals.

S2 Science – Physics Content

Energy. Energy changes. Renewable and non-renewable energy. Generating and Transmitting Electricity.