National 4/5 Biology

The study of Biology aims to develop learners’ interest and enthusiasm for Biology, and covers a variety of contexts relevant to Biology’s central position within our society. An experimental and investigative approach is used to develop knowledge and understanding of Biology. The skills of scientific inquiry and investigation are developed throughout the Course, by investigating the applications of Biology

By the end of S4, learners will develop knowledge and skills, and carry out practical and other learning activities related to the following key areas:-

Cell Biology
Learners will explore the wonderful world of cells. The key areas covered are: cell structure; transport across cell membranes; producing new cells; DNA and the production of proteins; proteins and enzymes; genetic engineering; photosynthesis and respiration

Multicellular Organisms
Learners will explore the workings of whole organisms. The key areas covered are: cells, tissues and organs; stem cells and meristems; control and communication; reproduction, variation and inheritance; the need for transport and effects of life-style choices on animal transport and exchange systems

Life on Earth
Learners will explore many aspects of life on earth. The key areas covered are: biodiversity and the distribution of life; energy in ecosystems; sampling techniques and measurement of abiotic and biotic factors; adaptation, natural selection and the evolution of species and human impact on the environment.