Burravoe Primary School

Monster Apocalypse


Friday, 13th August 1982.
In a small town in Michigan, it wasn’t a normal day, it was Friday the 13th. Everyone started the day of normally because they all thought Friday the 13th was just any other day. Or is it?

First, all the adults went to work, and the children went to school.

At 12:30pm every school day, usually the children are outside playing in the playground, but something isn’t ordinary…the swings have been knocked down.

Meanwhile the children were playing football Jacob yelled “STOP!!!” Everyone turned their head towards him. “What?” Replied Abigail. “The swings!” Everyone’s jaws dropped. “What happened?” Cried Grace.

Everyone ran over to inspect it. “Oh no” sighed Imogen, “I will tell Mrs Jones!” She sobbed.

But Mrs Jones was already on her way out…

“Mrs-” “EVERYONE!!!!!” All the children gasped. “GATHER AT THE GATE!” The children and the teachers did as they were told. “What’s going on?” Whispered Zoe. “I’m not sure…” Replied Amanda.

Next everyone heard a scream…

Anna still was in the playground.

Everyone’s heads turned to where the sound was coming from. Mrs Harris ran over to get Anna. “Anna isn’t here!” Cried Isabelle, “Shhhh!” shushed Mrs Jones, “Oh” frowned Mrs Jones again.

Next everyone realised why Anna screamed…

There was a creature coming over the hill…
“AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!” Everyone shrieked, (Including the teachers.) Everyone ran as far as they could to get away from the mystery creature. Mrs Jones checked her watch and it said, “1:22, Friday, August 13th” She sighed.

Meanwhile Mrs Harris and Anna were still trying to catch up as the monster was still chasing them.

Chloe turned around to check, “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH!!!!!” There were more baby monsters chasing (the babies were the size of a medium trampoline)

Everyone turned around too “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!” They bellowed and charged even further away.

Next the largest creature broke half of the school and it came crashing to the ground.
And the smallest creatures started running into walls of houses and collapsing to the ground.

10 minutes went by and the monsters were still smashing up buildings.

Once they were done, they started walking over the hill again, waving goodbye. “Huh?” Questioned Isabelle.

The mystery of the monsters, still remains unsolved.

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