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My October Holidays in Poland



On Saturday the 15th we swam on the 08:15 ferry and then we went to Sumburgh airport. We flew to Glasgow airport we got there about 12:00. But we had to wait for our plane which was at 20:45! It was quite a while but we just went round shops and tried our best to wait, finally the gate number showed up on the board, the gate number was… 28. We were flying to Poznań with the Wizz Air lines. When we arrived in Poznań we got a taxi, and drove to a hotel in Poznań, because it was to far to granny’s house. The hotel was very posh, when you looked on the left, there were two chairs which looked like thrones. When we woke up we looked at the breakfast menu , I had Polish breakfast, My dad choose French breakfast , and my brother Filip had Fitness breakfast (which was cereals), when we finished our breakfast we took a taxi and drove to the Poznań train station. Our train was at 12:45, we looked and looked for a play area for us to play in, finally we found one you had to pay for it but dad let us, it was so fun! Later on the train we sat and looked at the view outside through the window, it was all very quiet, until the conductor lady came she inspected our tickets and asked me for my card from my Polish internet School, because we bought a ticket that you had to show with the card, but we realised that it was the wrong one,  the paper one that I had at home was the right one, but it got sorted. Then we walked all the way to granny’s house, and ate lunch. When we finished we walked to dads old school and played in the playground. We came back to granny’s house and went to sleep. On Monday afternoon we went to grandad’s house with his car. While my dad and grandad went shopping me, my brother and granny were crazy killing flies. Tuesday was very rainy so we would not be able to walk anywhere. Then after lunch we decided to go to the swimming pool. I went to the pool with dad, my brother, granny and grandad, granny can’t swim so she stayed on the side of the pool.  The swimming pool had one small river it went extremely fast, there was a huge water fountain you could go inside it, and there were two more smaller fountains that were so strong that they could push an adult over! there was a very quick and swirly slide as well, and a relaxing warm bubble pool, as well as a deep pool but the water was freezing! It was so fun in the pool. Then the next day grandad took us to a play area in Leszno. there was loads of slides attached to the climbing frame which was enormous, there was loads of machines to play games on but dad said we coudn’t use any money,and there was loads more. It was so fun as well. On Friday we had lunch and we drove back to granny’s. On Saturday I went to watch Storks with granny and my brother, the cinema was in Poland, and the film was in Polish. I really liked the film it was fantastic. On Sunday we went to a forest and picked a lot of mushrooms with my uncle, in the forest I found a ladybird inside the basket, I picked it up and carried it for a while then when we were getting near,to the car I put down the ladybird on a leaf. On Monday afternoon we drove back to grandad’s, then I walked to a forest near to grandad’s house with dad, my brother and granny. In the forest we saw some real horses, we did a circuit round the forest and we met grandad with his car waiting to pick us up, then we drove together with grandad to another forest and there we picked mushrooms, it was so fun picking mushrooms and finding them. The next day we were on the plane to fly home.

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  1. Sounds like a fantastic holiday Sonia. Your photos are lovely and that big slide looks like great fun! I’m sure your Grandparents were delighted to spend time with you!

  2. What a wonderful read Sonia, thank you for writing such a lovely account of your holiday and adding such great photos. The swimming pool sounds amazing I’m sure everyone would have liked to swim there! I think I would have enjoyed the train ride as I love seeing places from the train. I hope Dad enjoyed showing you his old school. Granny and Grandad must have loved having you to stay and doing such fun things with you.

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