Burravoe Primary School

London And Poland


First Dad drived us to the Sumburgh Airport we all said goodbye to Dad and went on.I was excited because Filip was coming with us.We zoooooomed off the ground to Aberdeen.When we came to Aberdeen we flyed to London. Later on we went on a tube train from terminals 123 and 5  to kings cross. After we went to Argyle Square. and then for pizza. The next day it was busy first we went to the Transport Museum we never been there before first we got stamper cards. Then we went to put our jackets away so they are not in our way.First it was all right but then I did not like it at all there was people with really wierd clothes on but only made I was scared of them they looked creepy and it looked like the people would stand up and grab me.on the second floor there was even more of those people there I was terrified but I took mums hand and did not look at the people and  it was all right. After we went to the hospital for lunch.After we went for my appointment the doctor said my glasses didn’t work properly so I got to choose new ones. When the appointment finished we went back to our hotel by walking.We got to the hotel and got into our room to go to sleep. On Thursday we flyed to Warsaw in Poland so we where waiting on the gate then we got into our plane and we went first in and we sat down suddenly … Mum said Sonia where’s you’re bag I was terrified I though I just should not tell the truth but I just had to.So I telled the truth to mum even though mum was really cross I just had to tell the truth.Later on Fillip was getting sad too so he tried to cheer me up by saying I’ll get your bag at the restaurant in polish.When we where nearly there we all went to toilet I got the toilet first. But I could not lock the door so mum was still outside the toilet  but the other toilet was free so mum went in and a minute after someone opened my door but just a little bit and then quickly closed it.When we where in Warsaw we went to the lost luggage room and said about my bag.Then driver took us to Ostrow Mazowiecka. There lives aunty Magda, uncle Marcin cousins Jas, Michas, Jerzyk, aunties Agnieszka, Ania with my cousins grandparents.  On we went to the boys to play for 3 days. I got leggings with tigers on them and two books and Filip got top and jigsaw book. After we went to Puszczykowo to auntie Asia and uncle Paul who speaks in four more languages.They had a dog called Galileo I loved to play with him he had two toys I throwed them around for Leo to catch. Fillip and me both got Lego. Filip got Spider Man_DSF2768. I got a normal set but there are 3 ways to Build it.Tonight dad came.The day after we went to granny’s  where’s sister Victoria and Conrad my cousin.A couple days after it was snowing.Mum phoned grandad to go there.we had to go to Sarnova where there is uncle Zeniu we  stayed there for one day.After we went back to granny’s for a couple of days.on the way there granny phoned us and said she’s got a surprise.when we got there I knowed what the parcel was but I was to shy to open it so I gave it to dad.Dad opneed up the parcel and it was my bag! I love my bag always.The next day it was Easter Day so me and Filip looked for sweeties in a basket it was really easy to find them.The day after grandad picked us up back to his house.There is Belmor too.Belmor is grandads dog I love him so much. For Easter Sunday dinner came grandma with uncle Przemek and cousins Wiktoria & Konrad. For Easter Monday came aunty Justyna, uncle Dominik, uncle Blazej and uncle Hubert from Zielona Gora. In the afternoon came auntie Magda, uncle Marcin with Jas, Michas and Jerzyk and they stayed with us till the end of our holidays. On Tuesday morning came my new friend Iga with mum for a play, we went to forest for a walk. In the afternoon came another friends. For the last day before flying home we went to Wroclaw. There we stayed with mums friend Ania and family, they have Golden Retriever called Intro. We went with them to the Zoo, I took some photos of the animal, that you can see below. After these days we went back home.Now I was really watching my bag all the time.









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