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Cullivoe P7 Transition

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On Tuesday, It was P7 transition and as I am P7 I went to Cullivoe. (Transition is where we go to the 3 different schools on Yell, which are Cullivoe Primary, Mid Yell JuniorHigh and Burravoe Primary so that we get to know each other before we go into S1. Mid Yell is where we go when we go into secondary). As I was saying, we went to Cullivoe, Cullivoe School is  around 19 miles away. When we got there we were met by one of the P7s called Kirsty from Cullivoe. We all know the Cullivoes because we all go to P.E together in Mid Yell on Thursday.

Kirsty gave  Freya, Margo and I a tour of the school; Next we went into the classroom where we would be working all day. We sat down on the empty seats. Then we had a welcome intro, next we got given A4 triangles that had a country with a flag or writing. I got an Indian flag, then we had to find our group.  My group was Lizzie, Alfie and Ben; Then we sat down at a table and then we had to number ourselves 1,2,3,4. The reason we numbered ourselves is because we would be doing tasks for our teams; the roles were the mediator, encourager, the resources manager and the time keeper. Next we were given 12 minutes to draw around our hands, and write 5 things about ourselves. Then we had to share about ourselves.

Next we went to the canteen where we had break, I had an apple. After break, we went back into the classroom, We next got given pictures of the Mid Yell Junior High School staff and had to make a poster, with all their names stuck on.

Ms Breyley did a little presentation about our Digital Commonwealth 2014 group. Then we had to chose a country to do either a film, power point or word document. My group chose Fiji (which is in the Pacific Ocean). Then we got given a piece of paper with a list of what our project would need to have in it. We then divided the list of tasks into 4 so we all got 2 tasks to do. After planning how we I had chicken curry and jam sponge. were going to contact each other. Then it was time for lunch,

After lunch, we were told to make up a team name and a team flag, the flag had to include something that we had written on our paper hands. We called our team Clab, it has all of our first initials in it. Then we drew our first letters of our names on white paper, then we stuck them on. We also put our paper hands on too. By then it was the end of the day, Me and Miss Breyley helped tidy up.

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  1. Awesome post Charlotte

    We live in New Zealand so we are not too far away from Fiji and it is a Commonwealth Country like ourselves! (Although I think you might want to check about the ocean that its in because I think that you will find it is the Pacific!).

    It is awesome that you have your transition for next year now. When you say that it is 19 miles away does that mean that you will drive or get the school bus or will there be a ferry involved? How are you going to feel starting a new school? I really like how you included all the detail in your post about the activity it gave myself lots of detail and information and I think it explained perfectly about what you did and why you did it.

    I would also very, very much like to thank Mrs Breyley for a email that she sent a teacher at our school here in New Zealand with information about where you live and photographs. The teacher has made an amazing post but the information was so interesting. It seems like a very exciting and beautiful place that you are lucky enough to live in and our students from throughout our school will be very excited to hear details of the communication.

    Mr Webb and Room One, Auroa Primary School, Taranaki, New Zealand

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