Burravoe Primary School

Active Small School Sports 2013


P5, 6 and 7 went to Clickamen and got a bus to Lerwick for a sports day. We went with Mid Yell and Cullivoe primary 5, 6 and 7 on the bus we took. There were lots of 1 and 2 teacher schools there.

We were split into different groups and all of the groups are countries in the commonwealth for the commonwealth games in Glasgow in 2014. There were 6. Kerry was in team Scotland, Charlotte and Mia were in team Brunei and Melissa and Leah were in team Jamaica. Team Jamaica won. They won water bottles with Glasgow 2014 on them. Kerry thought it was medals in the box with the water bottles. The rest of the people that didn’t win got to choose for different coloured band with Glasgow 2014 on them.

The sports that was there was 2 athletics, netball, rugby, hockey and bowls.

With the athletics they were athletics were you ran and bounced of a bounce board. Team Scotland and Team Jamaica did the running athletics and Team  Brunei and Team Scotland  did  the long jump and the hurdles and doing football with no feet and throwing beanbags to get on the others side.

In netball we talked about the different types of throws in netball they were chest pass, shoulder pass and bounce pass. After we had practiced our passes we had games of netball and Kerry was a yellow vest and Mia was a blue vest.

In rugby we played with tag belts and you put a belt on and you had two tags and if you got your tags pulled of you had to be a catcher.

In hockey we played a game when you had to hit people’s hockey balls when they were dribbling them and try and get the ball to hit the wall and if it did then the owner that owned the ball was out and the last person in was the queen or king of hockey.

We did bowls as well.

At  the end of the whole sports day they told us the winning team which was Jamaica  and the winning points which was 113 points which was for effort, team work and respect then we went home.

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