Burravoe Primary School

Fiddle Frenzy 2013


I went to Fiddle Frenzy. It goes on for 1 week each year and I went for 2 days of it, Wednesday and Thursday. I had to go on a ferry which takes 20 minutes each day I went. On Wednesday my tutor was Kirsten Hendry and on Thursday it was Pauline Wiseman (who is my fiddle teacher). I was in the beginner/intermediate class. It was a lot of fun. I met a new friend and she is the same age as me. I learned lots of tunes but I forgot a couple of them go! I got to play in a concert for fiddle frenzy. I played 3 tunes. The first two was written by Jenna and Bethany Reid. They are called The Portage and Gordon and Joyce Reid’s. The last one was called Snookskerries. Mam and Dad had to buy tickets to see me. There was about 75 people going to the classes and playing in the concert. The concert was in Mareel and my tutoring was in a private room in Mareel too. It was cool because we got to go in all the no entry bits. Mareel is a Cinema and also you can hire private rooms. There are also a big room where they have concerts and that is called the auditorium. That is where all the people in Fiddle Frenzy performed. I was standing in the very front. They took a photo for the Shetland Times (news paper). I liked it when they changed the light colour and the lights flashing. They normally have it set up like the cinema seats but on that occasion it was circular tables because they were having a dance afterwards. First it was the students from Fiddle Frenzy performing, then after us it was all the tutors. The tutors were: Pauline Wiseman, Lois Nicol, Kirsten Hendry, Margret Scollay and Maurice Henderson. Then it was Bryan Gear playing fiddle and Violet Tulloch playing piano. I really enjoyed the whole experience (even walking through the corridors!). Here is the link to Fiddle Frenzy’s website. http://www.shetlandarts.org/whats-on/festivals/fiddle-frenzy/

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