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Life in Burravoe


Life in Burravoe is really great because its not very busy at night and also they are some places   without street lights so it’s easy to get to sleep. In Burravoe you can’t just pop to the Mareel (which is are art center)    and pop back again we have to organize the ferries and get the tickets and lots more. It’s good living in Burravoe because the nearest swimming pool is 9 miles away and it is a community  pool  .

Everyone here is friendly and helpful and doesn’t mind lending a hand.  In Burravoe you can’t just drive a couple of miles and be at a theme park are nearest theme park is 267 miles from Lerwick which is the only town in the Shetland Isles.

In Burravoe thy are no taxis or cabs so its quiet because they are not much traffic  . We live on a island so all of us live near the sea.

This is Burravoe Pier

This is Burravoe Pier where people used to launch their boats now we have a modern marina.

The biggest building here is Burravoe Hall.

I like living Burravoe because I love Burravoe primary school and all my class mates.


  1. Hi there, we are a group of Year 3 and 4 students at Amesbury School in Wellington, New Zealand. We enjoyed reading your blog and finding out about life in Burravoe. It is very different to where we live! We have 115 students and lots of electronic devices like iPads, androids and other computers. Our school is one year old and we have lots of new things. We can even draw on the windows and a couple of walls! What animals do you have on your island? (we liked the photos of the otters on your website.) What is it like in the inside of your school? How many teachers do you have? We have 8 teachers. How big are the buildings in your school? We know that you have 12 children at your school, so how many classes do you have? What is it like being at your school?

    • Hi. At our school we cant draw on the walls but we can draw on the pavement out side our school.We have to go to our school at 9.15am but if some of our school friends are not at the school yet then we can have some free play time. Some animals that we have on our island are Shetland ponies,sheep and cows. Where I live I have one Shetland pony and we feed it peelings.

      From Abby P2

    • Hi Harakeke Hub,
      Some of us talk Shetland dialects in my list of wild animals the ones in the brackets are the English words. We have otters, tammy nories (puffins), rock doves , orcas , waap (curlew) , shalders ( oyster catcher), tystie (black guillemot) and loads more but it would take me for ever .We have all these creatures because we all live near the sea. We have 1 class. We have 1 main teacher 1 class room assistant 1 art teacher and 1 cook how many cooks do you have?. We have school dinners do you or do you have pack lunches? .How far away is the sea from your school? I’m looking forward to learning more about your school.

      From Kerry

    • Hi
      We have an ipad as well and laptops we use them for playing maths games. We can’t draw on the walls. We have sheep, cows and ponies. We have lots of wildlife in Shetland.My favorite bird is the puffen. We have 1 cook that cooks our dinner. We have 1 classroom.

  2. Hello Mr Kirkpatrick

    Wow we don’t have any 24 hour shops open in the whole of Shetland! It is very quiet here. We have Shetland ponies up here, my favourite animal is horses and ponies. We can’t Skype because the SIC has blocked it for the teachers and pupils (sooo annoying).

    Fae Mia Burravoe School XXX

  3. wow your life in burravoe sounds lovley. I am from willow trre like the two teachers who commented.

    • Hi Milly I like your comment its funny that you are from willow tree School like the teachers.Maybe you could do a little bit more next time you do a comment.I will give you some advise you could right about animals.From Abby Burravoe School

    • Hi Milly my name is Honor. I am in Primary 3 (year 2) what class are you in? Thank you for the nice comment! What is your life like at your School?

      Burravoe Primary School

      • Thank you honor,
        In our school we like to use I pads and we also have a book were the teachers write in who is being nasty.
        It was only built 3 years ago and we have moden technology.
        As well as a play park for the older children which we all love we have super amazing teachers.
        I am in year 5p it is cool.

        It sounds lovely were you live!
        From Milly willow tree primary school 🙂

        • We do not have a book for people that are nasty because we only have twelve pupils in our school. We have awsome techers as well. It sounds like you have a wonderful life! Honor

  4. Hello Burravoe!
    My name is Mrs Parry and I am also a teacher at the same school as Mr Kirkpatrick in Salford. I teach year 5 and I know the children in my class will love to hear all about life in your part of the world! I shall be showing them your blog on Monday so expect some replies in the near future from the children about your beautiful home.

    Bye for now!

    Mrs Parry.

    • Bradley Clark

      Hi my name is Bradley I am p3 (year 2)
      I really like your comment I hope you like our blog.

      By Bradley

    • Hello Mrs Parry, I am in P4 (Y3). I’ve never been to England before. I’m looking forward to reading and commenting on your blogs and looking for you on google maps. Have you ever been to Shetland before?

    • Hi Mrs Parry,
      My name is Melissa. I am in Primary 5(year 4). My School is called Burravoe Primary School. We do reading in the morning sometimes.
      From Melissa

  5. Hello everyone, I’ve loved reading all about life in Burravoe, I’m going to have a look exactly where you are on Google Earth now. It seems so different to our lives here in Salford. It’s always busy here in and around our school. We have 480 children and about 50 members of staff. Remembering everyone’s name can be really tricky sometimes!

    Our Year 3 children are doing an assembly next Wednesday afternoon, I was wondering if we might be ably to Skype so that you could watch it? We could give it a go and see what happens. Get your Head Teacher to email me.

    One thing that really struck me as being different was how far away your shops are! We have massive supermarkets all over the place and lots of them are open 24 hours a day. If you need toothpaste and a DVD at two o’clock in the morning you can just nip out and get them – not that that really happens, but it could!

    Look forward to seeing more posts soon!

    Mr Kirkpatrick

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