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Life in Burravoe


Here in Burravoe I have to say it isn’t that handy  because its so remote,  to get to our nearest cinema  in Lerwick from here is a twenty minuet ferry and a half a hour drive and that’s the same for our Tesco market and its quite small.

This is a photo of the ferry.

You won’t even guess how far our nearest McDonald’s is; it is 265 miles and its in Aberdeen! To get to Aberdeen is a thirteen hour ferry over night. Up here we don’t have any amusement parks or fairs but one time,  in roughly 2006, the circus came up and my mum, granny and I went to it.

We live on an island which means we live by the sea. We have a small marina and  Bradley’s  (my brother) and my dad owns a  big  red wellboat called the Norholm which sits in sometimes.

This is a photo of the Norholm

Here we do lots of internet shopping because we don’t have the kind of shops like Next, Debenhams, M&S so on.
We have a volunteer run community food shop. Kerry and Abby’s granny works in it. It is small.
We have a community hall that we have our youth club in, there are lots of events held in there too like weddings, birthdays, da tar barrel and more. Da tar barrel is an event that men including my dad pulls a burning barrel across the road from the school to the Burravoe Hall and then we go inside the hall and I played my fiddle which is a violin in Shetland dialect which a lot of people from the whole of Shetland including me speak.


  1. Hello Harakeke Hub
    In Yell where I live is about 17 -18 miles long and 3 miles wide. It\’s just there is a lot of children here. We could see the sea from my bedroom window and the classroom window. Yes I do like campter games.

  2. Hi there, this is the students in Year 4, 5 and 6 at Amesbury School in Wellington, NZ. We are 8, 9 and 10 years old. We can\’t believe you have to go on a 13-hour ferry to get to McDonalds – our nearest one is only 10 minutes away! Do you have many children in your village or is it mostly adults? What do you do for an awesome day out? We go to the movies, eat out, maybe go biking, scootering or gaming. Some of us like to go horse riding. Do you like computer games? We would love to know what you do for entertainment. In your school, do you have a sports field? We have one, it has lots of prickles in it at the moment! We were really lucky today, we had a water day – you can see photos on our blog. It\’s summer here at the moment and it\’s nice and warm. Do you do things like that?

  3. HI there, we are some Year 4 and 5 students from Harakeke Hub at Amesbury School in Wellington, New Zealand. We live on an island too, but ours is much bigger! We have 115 kids at our school. We really enjoyed reading your blog. We would like to know if you have pets on your island? We are really interested in using technology like iPads – do you guys like playing Minecraft like we do?

    • Bradley Clark

      Hi Harakeke Hub,
      12 out of 12 pupils like minecraft, I like minecraft because you can make portals and you can make science with red stone and on the computer you can put pumpkins on your head and you can find MPC villages, I don’t know what the MPC stands for. I think I like it the most. Yes we do have pets I have a dog she is called Maggie and I have 2 rabbits. Do you have any pets and what kind?.

      By Bradley

    • Melissa Arthur

      We have 12 pupils in our school. We have a iPad at our school and we have Minecraft. We have otters sheep, tammy norie (puffins) a puffin is a sea birds because we are near the sea. Minecraft is cool because you can build houses and kill animals for getting the meat and you can save your world that you have all ready done.
      From Melissa

    • Hello

      We have quite a selection of animals in Burravoe. My favourite animals are Shetland ponies. (They are very cute.) We also have pigs, sheep, cows on are crofts. (Mini farms.) Tamie nories (puffins) are sea birds, otters and orcas are wildlife. The reason tamie nories, otters and orcas live hear is because of the sea they are all sea creature.

      We all love Minecraft it is so FUN! I like it because you can build houses and save your worlds.


  4. Hello Ms Wendi

    | have started fiddle about a year and my teacher (who by the way is 14) says I am doing very well for how long I have been doing it! All of the school have just started learning French, Shetland dialect is still English but it has some different words are a different ascent. Here are some of the words In Shetland dialect and then English:

    Da- the
    Perrie- little

    There are more but that would take a while 🙂

    Love From Mia 🙂 (the writer)

  5. What food you eat? We like the picture of the boat. What does the inside look like?

  6. I’d say our kids are most in shock to learn that your nearest McDonald’s is 265 miles away! It sounds like you have a lot of interesting things to do as a community there. Da tar barrel is something we don’t know about–we will have to do some research! You must be quite talented to play violin, and I think it’s wonderful that you speak many languages. You mentioned that Shetland is a dialect–can you tell us some things in that language? What other languages do you speak?
    Thanks for answering our questions!


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