Burravoe Primary School

The Magical Sari


There is a really hot country and it has lots of people there. There is a princess called Suki, she is an important princess. She has a magical sari. She wears it everywhere! It gives amagic to anyone she likes. She wears a special nightgown that’s like a sari. She has a cat, she is called Suri.  She looks like a little leopard really, with spots and ginger and dark colours, she is rather big. They both are strolling to the town. “Look over there Suki it looks like a prince, he looks a little lost” said Suri. “I think you’re right” said Suki.  They are just walking over to him and they are saying “are you ok” and the prince is relieved that someone comes because he is really lost. They are all at Suki’s palace now and everyone is welcoming the prince. He is living in the palace. The princess and the prince are the richest people in the world.



  1. Hey Mia,

    Awesome story!
    What inspired you to make this story?
    I liked the part when Suki and Suri helped the prince.
    And they must have had more then a million dollars.
    Make more great stories and keep up the good work.


  2. Dear Mia,

    Nice Job writing the story. I really like the detail and pictures:D 🙂 😀 🙂
    keep up the great work

    Sincerely, Janani

  3. hello there

    i also wear saris but of course mine is not magical but mine have beautiful colors like blue, purple,orange and pink I loved you your story and the drawing was so pretty thanks for sharing.



  4. This was very good, but try to describe the Sari, otherwise it was great 😀

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