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Hi my name is Anya,

I have 3 sisters, an evil step dad and a cool mum.

I live in Shanghai in a huge house with secret gardens and a big lake. I was going down to dinner to eat noodles and egg fried rice. My mum and step dad were sitting at the table. I sat down on the red and gold soft chairs, mum started calling the others down for dinner. My first sister called Yan came running down the grand old stairs towards the dinner table and slid in the seat beside me. Next came Anne and Grace and slid into seats by my evil step dad. We ate the noodles and rice which was made by Ken Home.

After dinner I ran outside and did several cartwheels and then handstands until I ended up near the sliver gates. Then I sat down near the lake, just then I heard something puffing behind me, I turned to see a beautiful rainbow fish which shone in the sunlight. I wasn’t quite sure what to do with it! Just then an idea suddenly popped into my head. “Bingo!” I said with excitement. Then without a second thought I threw the fish into the lake.

Everyday I visited the fish and I even called it Sparkle. But I couldn’t go to school without Sparkle! I know he was a fish but he was like a best friend to me! “Morning Mum” I called as I came down stairs, Mum was in a happy mood and my step dad was in a wired mood. I had my breakfast and then I went outside to play, “It is great to have a weekend off school” I said to Sparkle.

One day me and Yan went into the secret garden where the swimming pool was. We dived in to the swimming pool and swam a full length of the pool. “I like having days out with you sis!” I said to Yan, “Me too, we never get any days off with our evil step dad!” Yan sighed. “I have to agree!” I sighed to Yan. When we did about 19 lengths we were out of breath.

After dinner I went to bed and fell fast asleep, about 12:00 in the night, my horrible step dad crept outside with a knife and called “Ohh Sparkle please come out to play” He said in a creepy voice. Sparkle usually pops up his head on the side of the lake edge when he hears my voice. My evil step dad whipped out his sharp knife and killed Sparkle.

The next day I went out to see Sparkle but when I called out to Sparkle she didn’t pop up. I sat down on the grass looking miserable until I saw a bright rainbow light coming from the bins. I went to see what it was then I saw fish bones lying in the bin covered with banana skins and potato skins. “Oh no it can’t be Sparkle it just can’t!” I said. Just then bones came floating up from the bins and formed a fish shape, I felt scared of the floating fish until it spoke! “Anya don’t be afraid of me, I am Sparkle your fish but your evil stepdad killed me but the only reason I am here is that you saved me so I will give you a wishing power so you can wish of anything you want! said Sparkle. “Okay!” I said. “Now all you have to say is ‘Wishing well make my wishes come true!’” said Sparkle. I left Sparkle and went to my room, I said “Wishing well make my wishes come true!”

“What do you want master?” came a voice. “I want my step dad to disappear!” Then the next morning I went downstairs and saw that my stepdad had gone! “Your evil stepdad has gone and now we can do what we want to do!” said Mum in a delighted voice.


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