Burravoe Primary School

Nothing Changes When it Snows!


After we were at Dunrossness we took a bus trip just down the road to Jarlshof. In the bus it was hailing really hard! We waited in the bus for a minute when we got to Jarlshof but the weather didn’t stop. So Brydon and I got the Lunch boxes out of the boot and walky ran with our hoods up till we came to the Jarlshof centre! In the Jarlshof centre there is a gift shop, pictures of what it use to look like, games that have been found, a diagram of Jarlshof and much more! We were all wet by just walking down that little path! The man was very nice and said we could eat our packed lunch inside! We would have all screamed “YAY!” With delight but we were all being sensibible! We all sat on the floor and ate our sandwiches. I had a Ham sandwich and it was YUMMY! The other choices in our packed lunch was Pizza, More sandwiches, Fruit and Biscuits! After we finished our packed lunch we had a look around at the actual museum part. Lucy and I played a Tafl (an old Viking game) we got confused but we got the hand of it! We looked at the Birds eye view map of Jarlshof and you could see all the Viking houses and wheel houses from above! We all got our Gloves, Hats and Scarves on again to go outside and brave the weather to look at the oldest settlements structures.  We went outside and headed and looked at everything but it was so cold! The hail blew in our faces but we went inside to the gift shop! I got a puffin egg cup and a Celtic bracelet. We ran back to the bus with the boxes and got sat back in our seats and headed to the croft house museum.

At the croft house museum all the tall people had to duck through the doors because they were very tiny! Some of us forgot and hit our heads… OUCH! The croft house museum has been kept like it was back in the old days. There were carders that we each had a shot at! The beds were like wooden boxes that maybe there would be two people that slept in them! The weather was still bad when we got back in the box but it brightened up a bit coming home then turned bad again!

Jarshof    http://www.historic-scotland.gov.uk/propertyresults/propertyoverview.htm?PropID=PL_162

Crofthouse museum http://shetlopedia.com/Shetland_Crofthouse_Museum


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