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  1. I really enjoyed this blog and the photo looks beautiful! i suppose it makes sense that fish don’t have eyelids as, apparently eyelids are used for blinking which keeps the eyes moist and prevents them from drying up. Since fish are already in the water…they don’t need eyelids.

  2. Hi Aleysha M,
    Well we were watching a video conference on the whiteboard called Marine Scotland Science .Well we know fish are asleep because a expert scientist told us. Marine Scotland Science told us new facts about fishes, sharks, whales and anything that lives in the sea.

  3. I have four fish called Spotty, Max, Ruby and Bob. Spotty is a cleaner fish which means he cleans the fish tank and he does a good job of it. Max and Ruby are goldfish and Bob is a black fish that has really 3-D eyes. They have to be fed once a day. They don’t have eye lids so that means they don’t blink. From Mia 🙂

  4. Hi Brianna
    I know that fish don’t have eyelids because after I’ve been fishing with my dad and we’re filliting them, I take the fishs’ eyes out and look at them! Then I feed them to the birds! Its surprisingly fun! Scotlands fish also swim into English waters so you’ll find that fish do have no eyelids in England too!
    Burravoe Primary School

  5. Hi Sophie
    I have 1 goldfish called Dec and 1 angelfish called Dotty at home I wonderd why they didn’t blink too but I found out when I watched the glow meet that they didn’t even have eyelids to blink with.

  6. We know fish sleep because a trusted scientist said that they did on a glow meet. Glow meet is just video conferencing. It was about mariene biology.

  7. We looked at the wight bord beacase the hole class could watch it.We hered lots of facts.

  8. Bradley Clark

    We know that because we watched a scientist who told us on a Glow meet.

  9. I have 1 pet goldfish and 1 angelfish. The goldfish is called Dec and the angelfish is called Dotty. They live in a small fish tank. Last Christmas they moved in to Lucy’s room because we stuck our little Christmas tree in their place. I love our pet fish. 😉

  10. Wow i did not know that fish sleep with there eyes open.

    By Nick

  11. wow cool fact I never new that.

  12. Because your fish doesn’t have eye lids and they go to sleep with their eyes open then how do you know that their asleep.By Aimee and Marcos.

  13. How do you know if they are asleep?how come you have them on your white borad.

  14. How do you know that they have no eye lids?
    All of the fish in england have eye lids.
    Why don’t your fish have eye lids?
    My mum has fish that are called Bobby and noisey.

  15. Cool ! I never knew that. Do you have eney fish of your own.

    From Cory

  16. Wow! I didn’t know that fish sleep with there eyes open. I have four fish of my own and always watch but they don’t close there eyes. Now I know why they don’t close there eyes.

    From Sophie

  17. Cool fact! If fish have no eye lides how do you know they are asleep?

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