17 thoughts on “Comics

  1. emily

    we are doing comics at our school is well. We do them on the computer on comic life. Comic life is a application on the apple macs. We are doing a comic on greek myths. my one will be about a creature with the body of a eagle and the three heads of snakes.

  2. Amber

    Hi I’m called Amber and I go to Waterloo Primary School. We have been doing comics about Greek myths however we are doing it on the computer. What are you doing your comics about ?

  3. joshua

    At waterloo school were doing comics about ancient myths based on greeks please write back on our blog to tell us more.


  4. ciarajohnston

    cool I like comics I have one at home it is The simsons I like the simsons I think you should be a real comic writer when you are all older cause you are all so good :)

  5. Amy

    We have been doing comics as well on apple max computers. We go on a website called Comic life and that’s were we create a comic. It was for our homework. Do you think its really fun? I do! By Amy.D

  6. Nathaniel and Brianna

    We have been doing comic as well on something called comic life it is on a apple mac, it is brilliant. We had to do one about a Greek myth for our homework


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