5 thoughts on “The Witch

  1. Aimi Smith

    Dear Jack, Honor and Bradley

    What a fantastic story! I really enjoyed reading it and I felt very upset for the witch as the ghosts played some very mean tricks on her! If I was a ghost and was changed into human I would also be very upset becuase I would not be able to scare anyone or fly through the night to all sorts of places! If you continued to write more of the story, do you think the witch would every come back to see the ghosts? Would they become friends? Can witches and ghosts be friends?

    Keep working hard, you are doing very well so far!

    From Miss Smith

  2. Mr Kapusniak

    Thank you Honor, Bradley and Jack!

    This is an incredibly good ghost story. If I were a ghost and a witch changed me into a human, I would be quite upset because I wouldn’t be able to go through walls or scare people any more. Still, your ghosts got to travel to Antarctica as humans and not many humans get to do that! I like the ending too. Do you think the ghosts were nicer second time round? Can I borrow your ending to make up a ghost story for pupils ant Sandness school?

    From Mr Kapusniak

  3. Mrs Milton

    To Honor, Bradley and Jack,

    My name is Mrs Milton and I am from Australia. I really enjoyed reading your story. I loved all the adjectives you used to describe how the witch punished the ghosts for being so mean!

    I also like the youpublisher program, very cool. I think I might use it in my class. Is it easy to use? Did you have to scan your pictures onto the computer?

    Look forward to hearing all about it.

    From Mrs Milton

  4. Jerry Edwards

    Hello Honor, Bradley and Jack
    All the QIOs here at Hayfield house have read your story and we all agree that this is a fantastic piece of work. I would personally like to know where to buy some Gloup as I can this of a few targets that might benefit form a wee drop in their direction.

    Well done.


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