Piano Lessons

On Mondays I get our music teacher Called Mrs Martin to stay for after school to stay with me, Charlotte, Brydon and Kay to teach us extra. I get taught Piano. I started playing the piano when I was about five because my dad taught me how to vamp and then taught me a song called the Bersleek when I was six, and I started lessons last year in July. I have got loads better since. I love to play the piano. I have always have an old one in my house and I hope we will never remove it. Here is the tune Bersleek. Bersleek

11 thoughts on “Piano Lessons

  1. Mia Clark Post author

    I love to play the piano and it is really fun to learn it. I found it hard at first to learn but after its pretty simple! I still do it 😉 Charlotte plays the gutiar, Kay plays the drums and Brydon plays the bass.

    Fae Mia xxx :)

  2. Amy and Nathaniel

    Is Piano lessons fun? I have always wanted to know how to play a piano. It sounds really fun. I wish we could have piano lessons in our school. Have fun playing the piano Mia. By Amy.D

  3. emily from waterloo

    I used to take piano lessons for my enrichment. Enrichment is where we take a lesson after school and every one has to do it once a week. Do you have it?

  4. emily from waterloo

    I used to play piano for my enrichment lesson. Enrichment is where we stay after school for a lesson. I can play 3 songs! :)

  5. Aerin

    Hi my name is Aerin. I used to take piano lessons just like you! Do you still do it? Do you like it? Some day I want to come to your country. So good bye for now!

  6. Denny at waterloo school

    Hi i am at waterloo school i con’t do piano i can do piano drum can you lean me how to do piano?

  7. bethany

    hi my name is bethany i come from waterloo school and im 9 years old .We play tig you have to go up to some whon and cath them :) and when you cath them you say tig xx :)

  8. Aleysha

    Hi I am Aleysha and i go to WaterLoo school so what do you do in piano lessons? can you make your own song up? please tell me more.

  9. Mrs Clark

    The piano playing was very musical, and you sound committed to your music Mia. What tunes are you learning at the moment? My daughter Molly is learning Rondo Alla Turca by Mozart, which is the theme for a plumbing advert!


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