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I did maths on the ipad.  The app is called zoom.   It is  a numberline and it is fun.  It helps  people with thair numbers.  I know how  to swich  on and off  the ipad. I know  how to get the  volume up and down.


  1. I do text book in maths you need a jotter. I have a small grey jotter that has squares in it. You don’t scribble on text book. 😉
    From Kerry 8)

  2. I pad is better than the laptop because you have to tuch the screen. From Leah, Burravoe Primary.

  3. Melissa Arthur

    We do maths in one room. I like doing multiplication in maths do you? Do you like doing times tables?
    From Melissa:)

  4. Hi Emily,
    We have a white board. We think it is fun having 11 people because when you are playing tag it is cool when lots of people are running.

    From Charlotte:)

  5. Hi Brianna
    You have to tap the screen because the screen on an ipad is touch sensative.
    I like having 11 people at our school because we can all learn in the same classroom there is 1 P1, 2 P2’s, 1 P3, 3 P4’s, 1 P5, 0 P6’s and 3 P7’s.
    We burn the boat because it is a tradition that has taken place for lots of years.

  6. Hi Sophie and Hayley,
    Yes we do use an ipad in school, sometimes we bring our ipads to school. We sometimes use Education City it is quite fun isn’t it? We have one playground that we share with the whole village it is the community playground, We have 2 classrooms and a hall, are classes are all mixed together.

    From Charlotte Burravoe School

  7. Hi I am Aleysha and i go to WaterLoo School what do you do in maths? are you in a diffrent class in maths becouse we are please tell me more.

  8. Branna i mean at home to practice

  9. Hi i am at waterloo school do you do maths in diffrent class?

  10. How do you work an I pad?
    It must be wearde to only have 11 people at your school
    What is it like to have only 11 people?
    Are teacher showed us a clip of ,up helly Aa,
    Why do you burn the boat?

  11. Do you really use ipads in school? We have a laptop if we pay for them. We use a site called education city. We have three playgrounds one for receptions one for year one’s and two’s one for year three’s four’s five’s and six’s.

  12. We did maths in diffrent class
    do you?

  13. I wish that they used I pads in our school. Instead, we use the teachers smart board. Do they have them in your school? Also, is it fun having 11 people in your school? I hope you can comment back!

    Emily,Waterloo primary school.

  14. I did maths on my i pad 2 and on my i pod.

  15. Wow Leah, I am very impressed you can use an I Pad and Apps in school, you seem to be an expert. Why do you think I Pads are good? Are they better than Laptops?

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