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On Thursday I made an ipad movie with IMovie. I decided that I would make a movie about the Leisure Centre. I have never made a movie on the ipad so it was test movie. I took pictures and added them to the movie. I added text to explain all about the pictures. I added a theme for my video and my theme was Bright. A theme has its own music and background. I finished my movie and showed it to the peerie ones and they really liked it! I think my movie was ok but I only had about 25 minutes to make it but at least I learned how to make a movie!

4 thoughts on “ipad movie

  1. David Eldridge

    Well I haven’t found a way of getting hold of an iPad! All the technology is great and I am impressed that you think about making movies. I wonder if you have ever seen ‘Noggin King of the Nogs’? Try youtube, perhaps. He is based in the Northlands…maybe your lands! The mini films/animations were made in the 1960s. A man called Oliver Postgate, who also did Bagpus, made them. I often wonder what people like that would do with our technology? Perhaps you will become a famous film maker. I live in Yorkshire and I know you!
    best wishes
    Mr E

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