Jun 162011

When Scamp came to my house, He met my dog called Wolfie.  He went in my tricycle basket, he nearly went to sleep but it wasn’t comfy in the basket, so he quickly ran across to my dogs kennel and slept for 27 minutes. At bed time I took him to bed. I hope Scamp liked his stay.

Jun 132011

On Saturday they were a Carnival in Burravoe where everybody dressed up. I dressed up as American cheerleader. We got on the float about quarter to 7 our float was called It’s a  Small World. We had to go on a float from the Burravoe Hall to the Old Haa. Everybodey sat on a bench. I sat by Kay and Brydon on the float. When we got to the  Old Haa we had to wait  for ages for the start. They were 9 floats altogether the Pirates went in front of the procssion because they were playing music. Some of the floats were called Indiana Jones, The Greeks and Steves’s super stars. On the greeks float they were people eat grapes and drinking water. We had to follow pretend vikings as they walked up the road to the Burravoe Hall. A fire engine  followed at the back. There were flares that shot out of one of the floats. Brydon and Kay lost their flags but luckily my flag stayed on the stick.  When we got back to the Burravoe Hall we got told that we were second place and we got fifty pounds to go in to any charity we want. There were a barbecue  at the hall and they were a disco.

Jun 102011

When Flat Stanley arrived from Coffs Harbour in Australia. I was very excited to see what lovely flat Stanleys.When I got home on Monday Flat Stanley jumped up and down and even slid down the banister. On Tuesday Flat Stanley was skipping in the kitchen when a rabbit ran past the window. Flat Stanley chased the rabbit away. On Wednesday Flat Stanley had his spelling test he got 3 wrong but got 7 right. On Thursday Flat Stanley played hide and seek. On Friday Flat Stanley was playing Mario Kart he got eleventh place because he kept on pressing the reverse button. On Saturday Flat Stanley ate some homemade curry and it was very hot to eat. On Sunday Flat Stanley slid under the door, under my bed and anywhere there was a hole.

Jun 092011

On Thursday we went to M and Ds Theme Park. There was loads of rides you could go on. When we first got there we had piece and a drink and got give in pink wristbands to go on the rides for free so we didn’t have to pay. We had to go in pairs so we wern’t left alone in the theme park. I was in pair with Lucy and Brydon was in a pair with Bryden! We kind of went around in a foursome and went on rides toghether.The first ride we went on was the Magic carpet it was pretty scary. It felt as though your heart stopped when you were at the top and when you went round it would start again. Me and Bryden went on the tsunami while Brydon and Lucy went and watched us. It wasn’t actually as scary as it looks! I thought the Magic carpet was way more scarier!

I think everybodys favourite ride was the wave swinger, I went on it like a thousand times!

http://www.scotlandsthemepark.com/                 Here is the link to the M and Ds theme park website!

Jun 092011

On Wednesday we went to Edinburgh Castle, There was guards outside Edinburgh Castle and when their socks fell down another guard would come and pull them up. After Edinburgh Castle we went to Camera Obscura was really good because we saw all sorts of eye ilusions but when we got to the we saw the Camera Obscura every one thought that  it was so cool because you could pick up people and make bridges out of paper which cars drove over. After weed been to Camera Obscura we went to Dynamic Earth, at Dynamic Earth there was a time machine ( a lift with glass windows ) we went into the time machine and watched all olf the historical pictures flash before our eyes. Once we arrived in the middle we watched a program on a big screen when we were watching the movie the floor started shaking and we had to go into the glacier room and then intto a room with a big ice block inside it everyone had a feel of the ice block but thought that it was very cold. We went into a spaceship and then into a tropical rain forest.

Jun 092011

On Friday me and my family decided to go to Lerwick campsite for 4 days because Dad wanted to test out the camper van. It has a great swimming pool next it.We took the dog too, My family got to the Leisure Centre we paid for the campsite and we got a key to get in to the toilet block  and washing block. At 6 o’clock me and  mum took my dog out for a little walk because he had been tied up all day.  Me, mum and my dog  took a walk on a little small path near to the camp site.

On Saturday me and my family went in to the town. We had to take the dog because he started barking. The town has lots of shops. When we were coming in to Lerwick we saw a sign that said there was going to be a life boat at the harbour . We went to have a look at the harbour it had music, food and antiques. Dad bought me and my sister a sausage batch. When we had finished looking about we went in to town. We went in to a CD shop, games shop and my favourite shop is the Shetland Book Shop. I bought a Rainbow Magic book called Fiona the Flute Fairy.

On Sunday Me  and Mum  went swimming at the leisure centre . In the afternoon me and my family walked around the coast. I played on Super Mario on the  ds when I got   back.

On Monday Mum went to a course so it only left me, Dad and my sister. After 2 hours a women knocked on the door of our camper van and said that an  HMS Coastguard helicopter would be landing any minute now. A lot of people were standing outside filming the helicopter and  Dad made sure that the dog was okay because the helicopter was really noisy. When Mum came back we went to Tescos and then We went home.

Jun 082011

Stanley was at our house and he was outside and he was playing  on the slide.  Me and Melissa and Dad went to lerwick so we can do shopping and then  we saw the the Narrona.

Jun 082011

At me and Lucys house  Scamp Lucy  and me  played the wii  and  we played   Just Dance 2 he  liked to play it  so we let  him be  player one and  we took  a photo  of him  with the remot he  eat a orange  for supper   and  did lots of  other   things sleeped with me  and in the morning  he had a quick chat my with my toy s and a quick bye bye   to my toy s  and we  went  to school. We did lessons lots of lessons  after school   some  one alse took him home.


Jun 082011

At  the weekend  me and Mum  made ice-cream on Friday. I played  outside on my bike on Saturday. On Sunday I  played on the wii. The game   is called Mario Kart. On Monday  we  played outside.  I  practised  on my bike to balance.  Then we  read inside with Mum and Neil.