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Burravoe Primary School trip to Sumburgh

On Wednesday I had to be on the bus at  7:20 outside of my house we had to pack spare clothes and we could take money and cameras. When we got to Ulsta we meet Melissa, Leah and their Mum. Melissa sat by me on the bus. When we were waiting for the other ferry because the one at Ulsta was broken. There was some tourist that were pointing at something but we weren’t quite sure what it was in the water. A lady went over to our bus and said that there were some killer whales in the sea. Everybody was so excited it was the first time some of us has seen a killer whale and I was one of them. The killer whales were hunting in a pod near to an island not far from Yell. We got on the ferry to Toft that took 20 minutes. We first went past Voe on our drive, Then Tingwall, Then Quarff, then Cunings brugh, then Dunrossnes and then finally we got to Sumburgh. It took over 1 hour and a half because we went to the toilets. We first went to Sumburgh Head were the RSPB were they worked in a bit of the  Light House . Rebecca told us about birds we first played a game were we were sander lings and the teachers had a blue material  and when we are running over to get some paper food before the teid  comes in. We walked up the path and saw some Guillimots, Fulmor and Razorbill. Unfortunately there weren’t many Puffins but we did get to see 2 puffins close up. Next we went  Jarlshof that wasn’t that far from Sumburgh light house. We sat down and had a snack I had a tuna sandwich. We heard a helicopter noise flying ahead of us we thought that it was going to Sumburgh airport but insted it flew into Sumburgh hotel which was right next to Jarlshof. At Jarlshof  there is a little gift shop and a museum they is also very old houses with round houses, wheel houses, Laird’s house.

Quendale Mill

Yesterday we went to Quendale Mill on a school trip, Quendale Mill used to be used for turning cerial into flower. There is a water wheel which powers all of the machinary inside the mill, the wheel wich powers everything is an Overshot Water Wheel. An Overshot Water Wheel is a water wheel which gets the water to power it from above it.

We got a tour around Quendale mill but nothing was working because the mill stoped making flower a long time ago. We got to see all of the cogs that made all of the machinary work.


Yesterday on our trip Sumburgh we went to Jarlshof as one of our activities. Jarlshof is an architectural dig. There is different house from the past. WE saw some Round houses, Wheelhouses, Long house and the Lairds House. All of these houses where built by the Vikings and some were even builton top of each of other. We had to imagine that we were back in time and that people lived there and what there jobs where.  We all kept saying what room we lived in! We loved the windey stairs in the lairds house that we could climb!

Our Sumburgh At School Trip

At Jarlshof   we had our lunch  before we   went on an adventure and have fun . I really liked climbing the spiral staircase  was in  the laird’s house. It  was fun Iwas one of  the three to go up first . I liked looking  at the people  down on the ground we were up high . I got dizzy  climbing  up and down so then when I got  down I  climbed up some rocks and sat on  two rocks And said “I am the Queen” .